A project log for NOAA LB-CD

My take on an autonomous satellite image collector grabbing from NOAA 15/18/19. (Leave Behind - Collection Device)

Nate SchroederNate Schroeder 01/08/2020 at 03:550 Comments

Another pretty decent capture (I think). Still struggling with those black lines and very inconsistent results. Not sure if it's antenna placement, or what. However, I think my antenna works, only saying that because I got these pictures, so I am thinking the problem might stem from location or software. As the good scientist that I am, I changed two variables at once in hope that both work and my issues get resolved. I will also try and go outside, assuming I don't get blown away. (gale warning in effect). I will say though, this is addicting. It's just crazy that I am able to grab data from a XXX? million dollar satellite with some wire and PVC pipe! 

Once these bugs are worked through and I know I can reliably get data from the sats, I will proceed with final assembly and then deployment.