The case is starting to come together...

A project log for Resto-Mod 8 bit microcomputer

Retro-Futuristic 8-bit AVR based computer with 5" TTL CRT, PS-2 Keyboard, Serial Thermal Printer, PCM sound, and flash file system

john-andersonJohn Anderson 04/24/2020 at 07:500 Comments

I got a little more work done on the case this evening.

I cut out some pieces to mock-up the case layout. I used a scrap piece of 12x1 shelf board to cut out the sides of the case. I'll use some solid wood shelf board for the final version of the case. These test cuts proved my template is good and helped me determine where to cut the data analyzer case.

Next, I cut the analyzer case in half.

Then I drilled out and screwed the side pieces to the bottom of the case.

Here I mocked up how the other half of the case will be used for the top of the case. The top of the new case is a few inches shorter than the original analyzer case. I'll wait until I cut my final side pieces before I measure and cut it.

Next, I measured and marked one of the side pieces and the center piece. Then, I cut, drilled, and counter sunk a couple pieces of aluminum angle. I had this laying around from some previous project.

The angle aluminum was screwed to the two upright pieces.

And this is how it will fit together with the CRT and the faceplate where the keyboard will be mounted. I'm glad I did this mock up. The CRT ended up being little high in the case. The bezel that will mount on the front faceplate around the CRT screen will likely end up flush with the top edge. I'll need to move the angle aluminum rails down around 1/2" or so when I cut my final upright pieces.

When I cut the final version of the middle upright, I'll drill several large holes in it with a hole saw to promote cooling air movement and allow routing wires between both sides of the case. Also, the front section of the middle upright will have to be cut off to make room for the keyboard.