A talk I gave in February

A project log for Double-Oh Battery

A Wi-Fi-enabled power supply in AA-battery form factor. Originally designed for sex toys but has the potential for so much more!

Space BuckSpace Buck 08/06/2020 at 15:540 Comments

February 2020 feels like a decade ago, doesn't it? Well, on Valentine's Day I gave a talk at my local hackspace, xHain, and it was filmed for all to enjoy! It's a weird feeling, presenting a project that's attributed to my fursona, but presenting it as my human self. That's part of the project, as I briefly explain in the video—exploring the intersection of intimacy (a face-to-face talk where everyone recognizes me) and distance (publishing the core of the project under a pseudonym). Well, here it is!

Unfortunately, there's no text transcript. If you want one, ask me and I'd be happy to transcribe the talk for you, but I don't have the right permissions to embed it in the YouTube video. UPDATE DECEMBER 28, 2020: the talk has slides and English subtitles now. Let me know if you are interested in translating the talk to other languages!