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A project log for RPi4 NTP Server with GPS

Building a stratum 1 NTP server using RPi4 and GPS receiver

m-fosterM. Foster 01/05/2020 at 21:250 Comments

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 2GB RAM $45.00

Official Raspberry Pi 4 Power Supply $8.00

Heat Sinks for Raspberry Pi 3 model B $3.99

Heatsink for Raspberry Pi Zero $1.99


Uputronics Raspberry Pi GPS expansion Board $39.95

485-3527 Adafruit PiOLED monochrome OLED for RPi $14.95

485-2223 Adafruit GPIO Stacking header for Pi Extra-long 2x20 pins $2.50

Waterproof GPS Active Antenna, 28dB gain, 3-5VDC, SMA $14.99

Electrronics-Salon M2.5 nylon hex M-F spacer/screw/nut kit for RPi $12.99

Raspberry Pi 4b Fan, iUniker 30x30x7mm $7.99

    POE stuff (future)

Uctronics PoE Splitter Gigabit 5V, IEEE 802.3AF $14.96

zdyCGTime USB-C to Micro USB Adapter $7.99

zdyCGTime USB 2.0 micro female to USB Type C male right angle $7.55

misc parts (Frys, spares)

1K resistor

1N4001 diode

NPN transistor (300mA, 2N2222A)

Small sheet of plexiglas/polycarbonate left from other projects for top/bottom

A short piece of vinyl corner bead (used with sheetrock) to mount fan