07/09/20 Update

A project log for ARX Hand Project X1M

An advance modular 3D printed mechanical prosthetic

SupercellSupercell 09/07/2020 at 14:560 Comments

MK0M has been updated to suit either 2.85mm or 3mm diameter filament. They will allow either compatibility depending on availability of materials that can be sourced locally. Nylon is still the recommended material of choice for its durability, flexibility, low friction and low wear. Alternative materials may be used but will impact on performance and reliability.

I'm currently working together with the e-NABLE NIOP team to hopefully bring the MK0M to masses with existing e-NABLE sockets that have been developed. The time-frame for availability is uncertain but should be available in a month. So far with progress, I've made a compatible sleeve that fits their existing Quick Connect system of sockets. Transition between wrist and hand isn't particular great at the moment but may have changes in future.