Practical uses of F-35 nozzles

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The 25 year battle to get fresh air in tiny apartments

lion mclionheadlion mclionhead 08/11/2020 at 09:280 Comments

The search for a better air vent has lasted as long as the fans have been blowing.  Lions have been using semi rigid dryer ducts for 15 years, but they wear out after a year.  At least $200 has been spent on new dryer ducts.  The ultimate vent points in any direction, is aimed remotely like a Tesla Model 3 vent, never wears out, & doesn't rattle.

Lions found self supporting air ducts on portable air conditioners insanely expensive & heavy.  Louvered air vents only move on 1 axis & are heavy.

F-35 nozzle designs are 1 of the search requests time forgot.  They give a few videos of home made ones, but not enough to build your own without a lot of suffering.  The current online generation just doesn't care.

The nozzle is simply an elbow joint from homeless despot.   

It's the most efficient way to get a directable air nozzle that doesn't wear out & which can be motorized.

The problem is getting it to rotate smoothly, use servos, & not rattle.  The homeless despot version is intended to be fixed.  It has conical sections which rotate against each other without leaking.  Conical sections are not circular.  They use an oval duct & 3 joints instead of 2, specifically to reduce the eccentricity of the oval shape.

There are some videos about home made nozzles but no downloadable designs.

The F-35 nozzle absolutely requires 3D printing.  20 years ago, lions would have written off a project like this as unattainable.  Nowadays, 3D printers are quite cheap, but it will take quite an effort to free up enough space to store one.  The printer's mane task would be printing the F-35 nozzle, but then it would make replacement robot parts, stencils, sandal farsteners, camera mounts, areas which have been stymied by lack of plastic fabrication. 

At least 2 F-35 nozzles will be made, 1 for injecting outside air & 1 for next to the confuser later on.  An F-35 next to the confuser should take less space than a fan.

The gootube F-35 nozzles use a magnetic encoder to determine the nozzle position, but this requires persistent storage of the servo position.  They get away with only using it for a 10 minute flight.  If the apartment ventilation always has power, it should work.

They use a boundary sensor to reset the encoder.