prototype #2

A project log for Sequino

a clock which rewrites time again and again

ekaggrat-singh-kalsiekaggrat singh kalsi 01/25/2020 at 11:240 Comments

this one i redesigned again ground up to make it more cleaner. the y axis is now a hubless axis which moves in a contained outer ring. The y-axis homes to a hall sensor on the back side and the x-axis homes to a optical sensor on the right side with the help of a white mark on the rubber belt. The pen homing is very tricky. After a lot of trial and error i found a way out by first homing the x-axis , then backing up a bit and then homing the pen at a known belt mark to a sensor on the left side of the clock and then finally moving a fixed distance to zero it. This is not perfect as it sometimes overshoots the mark , but a error of 1mm on the pen is ok in this case.