Cura saved my bacon

A project log for Wild Berry Pause 'n Play Pedal

A foot pedal that sends 'k' when pressed so I can pause and restart videos with my foot. Also, the pedal looks like a Wild Berry Pop-Tart.

kristina panoskristina panos 01/26/2020 at 10:120 Comments

About three hours into printing the bottom of the case, I realized it wasn't doing the bit in the middle of the switch holder box that serves as a female for the switch's post. I checked the OpenSCAD model and saw it was floating about 3mm off the floor. Great.

It didn't show up in the Cura layers, and the printer never did try to make it, so the print didn't get messed up. Hooray! Now I can just print the missing bit and glue it in there. Maybe I'll print it at the same time as the frosting squiggle: