First boards are ordered after 2 years

A project log for LEDodecahedron

We're going for it now, 612 LEDs, 51 of them controlled by a single IS31FL3733 chip

davedarkodavedarko 12/15/2021 at 17:020 Comments

Since I'm visiting family in America, I found some time to tackle those weird PCB designs that I always talk about, but never do. Two years ago I made the #Do or Donut SAO  , which rhymes with this project as in me using the same(?) chip to control a bunch of LEDs. When I started this, two things came clear: I did not want to use more than one chip on a board and that basically meant going for 51 LEDs. You can read up on all my minor design choices and routing issues on twitter:

The distance between the LEDs in not the same at all, as the five triangles that make up the pentagon have angles of 72-54-54 degrees and are there for not symmetrical in all the directions. But I'm happy with the spacing, so I proceeded.

I should be able to power everything with a considerate brightness from a smaller battery, as was the LED cubes I took inspiration from. Heat should not be a problem either, but we'll see about that. The dodecahedron will have a height about 5cm.

The chip can have up to 16 addresses, so that's perfect for controlling the 12 boards with one IC. I have not calculated the frame rates of anything, the chips talk I2C with up to 1MHz, to up to 12x16 LEDs.