They Are All Dead!

A project log for Project Nintoaster

Nintoaster Done Right

osgeldosgeld 07/09/2014 at 00:260 Comments

So I received a couple DOA NES motherboards, thought is tween the two of them I should be able to make one good one as they exhibit different failures. Three evenings of probing and tinkering later, I haven't made much progress with them, but I am making some progress. The dark side of me is saying both the CPU's are dead, one I know for a fact is dead as the magic smoke was let out of the components all around it, the other CPU wants to work but still giving me grief

Worst case I can buy one off of ebay, there's one or two that are in working condition needing new contact sets and the cases look like they have been in a war, but its a bit more than I want to spend on "dead" stuff so I am still tinkering