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Flexapod (Servo-less Octapod)

Russell MunroRussell Munro 02/13/2020 at 13:330 Comments

Let's start with the bill of materials and STLs. The instructions are coming in a series of posts in the near future. 
Link to the BOM. Most of the parts are off the shelf or 3D print. 2 of the parts (x2) are custom made, the camshafts, I will explain these in a future instruction post. 
Link to STL zip. The STL parts where designed to print on my Lulzbot Mini 6" with 0.5mm nozzle. Your results may vary so I recommend you print one of each part before printing all the parts, just in case you need to make some printing adjustments.  
Print ‘Cam Lift’ and ‘Cam Main’ with strong or stiff material like nylon or PLA. All the other parts use I used ABS. Use whatever material you like but the Cams need to be a strong material because the bearing impart a lot of cutting stress. 
‘Gears’ and the ‘60 tooth pulley’ may need a 0.5mm print nozzle. This is because of the detail required in the teeth. I've never tried so print them on a nozzle bigger than 0.5mm. If you try a bigger nozzle please let me know how it turns out. 
Don't print all the Tray files, choose the '12 inch printer' file if you have that size print bed. Used the other 3 files if you have smaller print bed. 
Print all the parts in the XYZ orientation that they come in. This is to maximise component strength. Also, some parts will require support material.  
Except for ‘60 tooth pulley’, print all the parts with maximum fill. Be careful that sometimes 100% fill can bulge a part. So, you might be better off with 90-95% fill. ‘60 tooth’ can happily live with 10% fill. 
If you find any mistakes please let me know. Thanks for following.