September 25th 2020 log

A project log for Controller Input Adapter

A adapter for the ps4 controller that allows the controller to be used in Virtual Reality system - HTC Vive and Valve Index.

zeke-barsanZeke Barsan 09/25/2020 at 16:430 Comments


As you know, the SteamVR controller is made up of four components: The tracker, the ps4 controller, the Arduino zero and the Tundra Labs/SteamVR HDK. 

The tracker is now tracking in Virtual Reality!!

The Arduino Zero had been working as seen in the "TrimTrim" video. However, there was an update to Arduino and I uploaded a new version of the code and now it doesn't work :).

The steamvr software is almost complete. I've built a render model, created a driver for the controller and a json file. 

At this point arduino is being anoying, so I'm considering just tossing out the ps4 controller and code a few buttons which will be glued on the tracker. This option would be quick and dirty but the project would be closer to being finished. 

The steamvr software: well honestly it's technically done, but the json file is not on the hdk because of the arduino code issue. So once the arduino can talk nicely to the tracker, we can upload a nice render model.