I have gone through what is available on GitHub from [tomazas], [yarivkeinan], and [grigorig] which seem to be the only tools available for working with these kits. I have worked out how to reprogram the MCU via the STC-ISP application (which only seems to support uploading .hex files), as well as controling and making animations in the DotMatrixJavaapp (from [tomazas]). The DotMatrixJava app doesn't have any method for saving your animations as anything other than a "3DAnimation Record" (*.dat) file. While this is just a text file containing the HEX values, it is no good for programming the MCU with as it is only the animation values and nothing else. On the Python based "stcgal" app from [grigorig], I can not figure how to use this at all.

Is there anything on these inter-webs to help a beginner program custom animations for these cubes?

Please feel free to comment, ANY help is appreciated.