Delta Robot One

Smart open source robotics project for makers and students. Combines electronics, mechanics and informatics in one system.

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Welcome robot friends :)

We decided to create this little robot to have an interdisciplinary subject in our studies. This project turned into a journey lasting over three years and two things always stayed the and Arduino UNO ;) Drawing, lasercutting, soldering, 3D-printing, programming an arduino library, a python package, an android and a windows app, is turning in a never ending story. With the help of a community (this means you) it could be a world wide educational project. Working on this project is a lot of fun. Learning something about the different topics and share it with the world is realy great. Be part of it...


Our four One's welcome you with a short clip...

...keep smiling :)

Delta-Robot One is mainly designed for students and makers with an educational thought. Everyone who likes to learn something about robotics can take a look at different fields - electronics, mechanics and informatics.

Let's introduce this smart little robot. His name is „One“ because he combines a lot of technical topics in one single system. This kind of robot is called delta and it belongs to the family of parallel robots.

Social Media 

Instagram: @deltarobotone

Facebook: Deltarobotone

Youtube: deltarobotone 

Arduino Library

The arduino based system helps you to do the first steps easily. It is quite easy to start, so everyone is invited to have some time with this smart robot. If you would like to go more into detail you can do this without any problem because the software is open source.

Sourcecode: >>>One System Library<<<

Install the library using Arduino IDE library manager and choose OneSystemLibrary

This library comes with 20 examples to provide functions of theinterface

A full system demo (found in examples) is integrated. If you start the robot at the first time use this example to check out how Delta-Robot One works. It provides a lot of functions and you can use the robot like a stand alone system and check out the mobile and dektop application first.

If you want to use arduino code directly check out the examples. Here a short example how easy the programming interface is:

Move robot -> move.ptp(position x, position y, position z)

//Create the DeltaRobotOne-Object
DeltaRobotOne robot(0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0x27);

void setup(){ 
//Robot setup

//Power main circuit

//Move the robot to the home position (X=0.0,Y=0.0,Z=85.0)  

void loop(){

//Move Z-Axis up

//Move Z-Axis down

//Wait for 2 seconds  

Python package

Delta-Robot One recieves data using a very simple structure. This structure is called the one easy protocol. Have a look at this easy protocol to understand how it works. A Python package provides this communication protocol with a high level interface to control Delta-Robot One from other systems. So you can control your robot easily from a system like a Raspberry Pi via USB. Use python package manager to install one-easy-protocol on your system:

#Python 2
pip install one-easy-protocol

#Python 3
pip3 install one-easy-protocol

Sourcecode, Tutorials and Documentation of One Easy Protocol:

>>>One Easy Protocol Python<<<

For C++ version of One Easy Protocol have a look at:

>>>One Easy Protocol C++<<<

Pick and place with magnet gripper

Windows 10 Application: One Smart Control Desktop

For all those who want to control the robot from a notebook we developed an application for windows based systems. The One Smart Control application is written in C++ using the Qt-Creator IDE and Qt-Framework.

The robot has to be connected via USB. The app provides basic functions of the robot like moving, changing the light and the gripper state. A visualisation of the workingspace helps you to understand the limits of the robot.

The main advantage of this application is the integrated flowchart. It is a tool to create robot programs and start them. Save your flowcharts as flowchart files (.fc). Load and start flowcharts using One Smart Control Desktop, One Smart Control Mobile, One Easy Protocol Python, One Easy Protocol C++.

This application is based of One Easy Protocol C++ extended with signal and slots as a QObject. So it is possible to use it in your own Qt based project.

Sourcecode: One Smart Control Desktop

Download: Direct Link

Wiki: One Smart Control Desktop

Android Application: One Smart Control Mobile

For all those who want to control...

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    Robot assembly overview

    Delta-Robot One is designed as a Kit. The layer system of the body and a clickable mechanical solution make the assembly fast and easy. A structured circuit board makes the soldering more comfortable. Choose the colour of some parts to give the robot an individual look. All in all building the robot provides you with a short practical, educational and interesting experience. Now it‘s time to build your own One!

    How to build your robot? No worrys we create a wiki...

    Wiki: >>>How to build you robot<<<

    Robot assembly video clip

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    How to get the layers? There are many ways...

    • You can use a lasercutter in a Techshop/Makerspace or your School/University
    • We ordered from cutcraft a few times so we can recommend this service
    • We don't try it but with a 3D-Printer it has to be possible to create the layers too

    Be creative and choose your own design to build an individual robot. Make the world of robots more colourful...

    All drawings of the layer system are availible...


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    How to get the board? No problem...

    ...we uploaded our board to the page. So you only have to follow this link and create an account to order the board for a good price.

    Shop link: >>>One Circuit Board<<<

    How to get the parts? All of this are standard parts...

    • You can check your own maker stock first ;)
    • Use the partlist on the link above and check the recommended shops
    • A lot of shops and maybe your school or university have this parts availible

    All Schematics are availible also in a fritzing version...


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