A Foxie Year

A project log for Foxie Clock

Fully open-source RGB clock with nixie-like edge-lit acrylic digits. Or... an RGB pixel matrix display clock, if you like!

will-foxWill Fox 01/23/2021 at 17:190 Comments

Today marks 1 year since the initial release of the Foxie Clock. I want to thank all my customers for supporting me!

I decided in the 3rd quarter of 2020 to do Foxie Products full time for several months and while I'm really glad I did, it has not yet become able to fully replace my normal income, so I've taken a full time job again. 

Because of that, I'm not going to be making very many exotic wood Foxie Clock cases any more, because they are somewhat labor intensive. But, I'm not done! Future Foxie Clock plans are probably easy to guess: WiFi, NTP, light sensor, RTC time backup, and... more. All of those things are in the works, but it's going to be awhile before I have more news.

Thanks again to everyone following this project and making 2020 a bit easier to get through! 

In closing: Black lives matter, science is real, and systemic racism is real and needs to be dealt with. Trans rights are human rights (I have a gender fluid teen child, so this is especially important to me!), and... last but certainly not least, we must separate church and state. Everywhere. Religion has dragged humanity down for long enough. We don't need to devote time and resources to things that have literally _never been proven_ to be real or tangibly beneficial.