I Bungled the NIC Model

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*on a Dell Dimension E521, lol!

sarandisarandi 02/17/2020 at 18:130 Comments

2020-02-17 - Monday

I had a sneaking suspicion that I bought the wrong (and indeed I did - a first gen/PCIe 1.0a!) model. D'oh! At 2.5 GT/s it still is faster than Gigabit, but that's not the end of the lousy features. The good/funny thing is that it's same vintage/era as the Dell itself. But the card very well might not fit my case, as I for some stupid reason got the "full height" version instead of "low profile". So. We'll see.

The feature set isn't as broad as subsequent models but it'll have to do until/unless I hit another roadblock, or case-block, as the case may be (too short). Not a huge deal, but not great. I was really looking forward to the onboard traffic-shaping and QoS features.

Here's the official documentation page for the chipset (not the card itself):

Curiously, this product line goes back to 2005Q3 - yikes.

Card documentation:

Downloads and Software:

Now we're finally getting somewhere. I'm not sure if pfSense/FreeBSD supports this model, so here's my safety net:

Complete (OS Independent) Driver Pack:

FreeBSD Driver:

The NIC That Should Have Been:

More resources:

  2. Dubious and possibly not obviously helpful; Note - this document shows a quad port NIC but text lists it as a "Interfaces 2x RJ45 ":