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Tabletop dice tower in a retro Sears Silvertone radio case with voice output

john-andersonJohn Anderson 05/26/2020 at 08:460 Comments

I've been rather busy lately wrapping up one paying gig and starting another. However, I did find enough time the past few weeks to finish up a couple more dice towers based on 70's Sears radios. These add the display I demonstrated on the dice tower in the instrument enclosure a little while back. I fixed a problem with noise from the LED matrix interfering with the audio output. Adding some decoupling capacitors in a few strategic places (power and ground pins on the processor for instance) helped a lot. You'll notice that the display and the audio are no longer exclusive like the previous version.

I couldn't find those 7 segment LED panel mount bezels anywhere. You used to be able to buy those anywhere. I had to buy a couple cheap panel mount volt meters and steal the bezels to get these. You can buy those meters for about as cheap as the bezels were alone. So, I guess it's not a big deal.