“The Star” 20x LED decoration

A star shaped PCB with 10x LEDs on each side, a programmable ATMEGA328, and micro USB power option

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My first attempt at a custom PCB design on EasyEDA / JLCPCB. I used Inkscape to draw the outline and the star shapes for silk screen, then all of the PCB editing and placing within the EasyEDA web tools. I’ve rotated components multiples of 72 degrees so they’re aligned with the arms of the star.

On the front - MCU, microUSB power connector and 10x LEDs

On the rear - 10x LEDs

At the centre a minimal atmega328p which will be programmed with the minicore firmware in the arduino environment. This allows programming through the 6x pin ISP header, and a simple, internal oscillator (no crystal) clock. 2x buttons on front for interactivity. 5x spare IO on star shaped pads.

Current status - just finalising the PCB and component list for build and assembly of the surface mount components at JLCPCB, then I’ll need to work on the software.

I’ll share the project on EasyEDA once it’s tested if anyone’s interested.


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