PCBs in testing

A project log for Artichoke LettuceLab Series

Powerful shields for a fully automated Arduino robot

NikolaiNikolai 04/27/2020 at 02:270 Comments

Things that worked:

    -MCP io expander was detected on i2c port.

    -Motors worked as intended, motor driver was wired correctly.

    -External headlights are worked correctly.

    - IR distance sensor worked correctly.

    -Buttons yet to be tested but were seen to be wired correctly.

    -i2c display worked correctly.

Things that went wrong / improvements:

   -J7 2x03 IO extender address selector had different pin numbering layout between the                                    schematic and PCB editor.

    -Silkscreen for j11 was upside down.

    -Onboard LEDs D1-D5 were connected with a single resistor on the cathode pins. This means only 1 LED can light up at a time. Correct usage would have been an individual resistor for each LED.

    -Silkscreen labelling was poor. Some reference numbers overlapped each other and the labelling of the pin header functions and the Arduino Mega pins would be helpfull.

    -A multi-use power header would have been useful. Space for a small one in the bottom left corner is present.