electronics panel and CAM software

A project log for CNC Candle Carver

a custom three axis cnc machine for carving candles.

John OpsahlJohn Opsahl 7 days ago0 Comments

I designed an electronics mounting panel for the cnc candle carver this week. It includes the 24 VDC power supply, a motor speed controller, three stepper motor drivers, a power switch, and a Aruduino Uno with grbl. The bottom and side panels are to be laser cut out of 1/8in baltic birch.

Turns out a commercially available CAM software called DeskProto has the capabilities to generate the rotary machining tool path instructions needed to operate the cnc candle carver machine. I will put the custom software on the hold now while I learn the parameters that the DeskProto software uses to generate the tool paths. The video below explains how to use the software to generate tool paths for complex geometries.