Tea Butler

When your cup of tea has been forgotten and is getting too cold, the Tea Butler is here to alert you!

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You've just made yourself a lovely hot cup of tea but have become temporarily distracted… just enough to forget about tea, the passage of time, and the second law of thermodynamics. By the time you've remembered about all of those things it's too late. The tea is cold, the magic is gone, the beverage is dead on arrival. If you're lucky you'll realise it's cold before you confidently take a swig, but the chances are not good. Like the tepid brew languishing in your mug, your mood has become chill and overly bitter.

Forgotten tea is a big problem, especially for the many tea-drinking, easily-distracted makers, crafters, and creatives. If only there was a way you could be alerted when your cuppa reached that critical temperature, the one between perfect and dead.

The Tea Butler is here to help!

Equipped with lights, a buzzer, and an infrared temperature sensor, the Tea Butler is your easy to carry servant, ready to monitor that previous cup

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