Laser cut revisions

A project log for COSV - Cam Open Source Ventilator

Roller cam based portable BVM ventilator.

Daren SchwenkeDaren Schwenke 04/07/2020 at 21:450 Comments

Nope.  Didn't get these cut yet.

Yes, all the files have been reworked.  

I gave myself a little more space between the cam bearings to allow for a larger (12mm) shaft.  This larger shaft is a wiper motor.  Worst case, I *know* I have at least one motor with the right torque and speed and I can move forward.

Eliminated all the sharp transitions of the arm model to avoid concentrating stress in the acrylic to a single point, and made it thicker.  It is now built from intersecting cylinders instead of lines.

Smoothed out the base where it contacts the bag some more.

Changed the cam to use pins instead of bolts for the bearings.  We'll see how this works.  Saves me some height..

Changed the base bearings to use 8mm/5/16in bolts instead of 3mm and bushings.

Regenerated all the files.  New rendered files are up.