Initial Boot ROM

A project log for 1802 CPU for RC2014

An RCA1802 Processor Card For RC2014

EtchedPixelsEtchedPixels 03/30/2020 at 20:470 Comments

A hello world boot rom is now available in the RC2014 ROM github

Board config

- 16C550A UART at 0xC0

- 32K/32K RAM/ROM card with ROM in the low 32K

- SC129 at 0x80 for debug lights

- CPU card

I've also pushed fixes to the 1802 emulation and rc2014 1802 emulator to fix a bug in RET/DIS emulation where the documentation is misleading, and I've pushed the 1802 bug fixes the the assembler - which for other reasons is in the 6303 C compiler on my github.

The ROM source is probably mostly useful if you need the uart setup code to run with something more interesting like IDIOT or BASIC or perhaps you want to run it with 512K of banked RAM, a PPIDE disk interface and TMS991A video.. 8)