Trying Lightburn

A project log for Powder coat pcb with toner & laser sinter

So we powder coat a blank PCB with laser toner. Selectively melt with laser engraver and maybe get some good results.

ericeric 04/05/2020 at 19:060 Comments

Burned one at 5% and 2200 mm/s and it's nearly perfect. But it's crooked & warped. Not going to bother  wasting time on a pic. The software only accepts jpg, so I have to extract the image from the PDF. Then resize so it's right. The jpg is straight, but the print is way off. 

So I'm trying Lightburn which imports PDFfiles, burning one now. The other possibility is the cable is getting hung up? We'll see. I can't get it to light the low power for testing size, but I used a big enough board to guess & it seems like it's going to work. I'd like to etch one of these eventually, since I have lots of acid just sitting here. FeCl