Latch action from the inside

A project log for Ancient lock gets smart

Turning grandma's old and rusty rim lock into an electrically actuated smart lock

Ivan StepaniukIvan Stepaniuk 04/02/2020 at 01:010 Comments

This lock does not actuate the latch from the inside, it makes no sense since it has a dedicated plunger for that. After considering actuating the plunger electrically, I decided it was easier to modify the internal latch mechanism to operate from the inside in the same way it operates from the outside.

I riveted a screw into this lever arm so it is reachable by the inner side cam. The lever is normally only operated by the front side cam, not on the picture. Both inner and outer lock cylinders are coaxial.
The rivet gets pushed by the cam on the inside side cylinder. The original pin tumbler cylinder is behind that cam wheel with the two screws on (only one visible)