200403 - How comfortable is it after 2hours?

A project log for Covid-19 3D Printed Face Mask

A design for a compact, comfortable, reusable face mask that seals to your face and has replaceable air filters that are easy to procedure.

radu-motisanRadu Motisan 04/04/2020 at 17:470 Comments

I did a few tests to determine how comfortable the mask is when wearing it for a longer time. After 2hours there were no marks on my face, breathing was ok (yet, I could feel the air being limited due to filtration), there was a little condensation inside but the filters were still usable (not even a little moist). The rubber is important for comfort and so is the sponge band used to seal the mask to the face. Video in Romanian:

Lots of makers started building their own. You can go for plain white or add some colour, here are some ideas:

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