Log#09 : YASEP2009 in preparation

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A backup of the blog before the host erases it. A good opportunity to review the development, twists and turns of this ISA !

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By whygee on Monday 1 December 2008, 19:02 - Updates and news

A new big update of the YASEP website package is under development. Several improvements are already done but not uploaded yet :

- I corrected a small "bug" with Opera with the floating window (thanks to Laura for the help !)

- I added several pages, about Special Registers, the AGPL licence, the differences between YASEP16 and YASEP32... And a new VHDL directory appeared.

- The opcodes are undergoing major changes, too many to explain here

- The architecture abandons the CQ register but the documentation is not yet updated...

I hope that the package will reach stability in early January. There's a lot of work to be done...


"YASEP2009" was to become the first "modern" shape of the YASEP. No CQ anymore, a yearly name... It required a lot of work and was far away from YASEP2013 but was a major step in this direction.