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Pneumatic walking, driving, wall climbing and tool using robot

Mykolas JuraitisMykolas Juraitis 09/13/2020 at 19:444 Comments

In HACKADAY PODCAST 084 naminukas was called the most utility per servo robot. Indeed, I did not add a single new actuator to the robot since its first prototype that could only walk. Since then, a number of robot's behaviours have exploded. Naminukas was selected as a finalist in Supplyframe DesignLab: 2020 Hackaday Prize. For an attempt to win the first place I made a video which summarises all robot's features so far:

It is almost its anniversary too. Last year in October I ordered the first parts for naminukas robot. I didn't expect to get this far. I told my wife that this will probably be the most expensive useless robot, but she let me build it anyway. It is by far the most expensive robot I've ever made but now I am starting to see that it could be useful after all. My original intent was to make an indoor robot which could act as a mobile security camera to check around the house while on holidays. Potentially with additional capabilities like remotely controlling the robot to go to the internet router and reset it and similar tasks. Now I think it has the potential of becoming an industrial inspection robot, cleaning robot, kitchen helper, entertainment robot and much more. I couldn't have succeeded without the community support, kind words, advice and encouragement in the comments on various media channels. Thank you everyone! I hope my work gives back to the community by inspiring others to start new or continue existing great projects.


Alexander Van Puyenbroeck wrote 09/16/2020 at 07:06 point

This is so cool! Good luck and well done!

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Mykolas Juraitis wrote 09/20/2020 at 10:06 point


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Erin RobotGrrl wrote 09/14/2020 at 18:04 point

LOL At the video when the robot says: "I am very precious, because of expensive parts .... and moral attachment"
"I can help protect my human from viruses. I don't need anti-virus protection because I run on linux"
It's been so cool watching the progress on this robot! Way to go! Who knew the robot, in addition to it's super cool locomotion, also has a sense of humour :) Can't wait to see what will be next for this robot

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Mykolas Juraitis wrote 09/14/2020 at 18:14 point


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