The useless box even more useless

A project log for Yasky-bot. An industrial robotic arm becomes open

In this project I'll show how I was able to restore and make functional an old Yaskawa motoman 6 dof industrial robot

caltadanielcaltadaniel 04/06/2020 at 21:180 Comments

Almost five years ago I've made a useless box by using an old Ikea drawer, few pieces of wood and two rc servomotors. 

Now that I've a fully functional industrial robotic arm, capable to carry 5 Kg at very high speed I said to myself, hey Daniele why don't you make that old useless box even more useless by using the robot?

But let's go back a while... A useless machine is not a simple fun machine made by the makers after arduino make its programming very easy. 

This machine has a much more deeper significate. Its idea popped out by the great mind of Claude Shannon (yes is the same Shannon of the Nyquist-Shannon theorem for the reconstruction of a sampled signal) almost 70 years ago.

Arthur C.Clarke, saw that machine on Shannon's desk and later he wrote, "There is something unspeakably sinister about a machine that does nothing—absolutely nothing—except switch itself off". This is exactly what we (at least I) feel when we see such a piece of engineering. 

I decide to use the robot to make this concept even more deep. A robot that turn on an other robot made with the only purpose to turn himself off. This is a mindblowing concept.

Here the video of Yasky (yes, this is how I've called the robot arm) performing the dance