First G-Code Stacked Print Test

A project log for 3DVerkstan Based Face Shield - Supercell Remix

Custom designs based on 3DVerkstan face shields.

SupercellSupercell 04/13/2020 at 00:300 Comments

First test of printing using a g-code print without any manual intervention in changing temperature and speed. Separation of the bands was fairly easy without the need excessive force. Delamination layer parameters were entered into the start and end of the layer using PrusaSlicer.  Parameters were mainly to turn on fan, lower the temperature of nozzle and lower the printing speed. Once the layer was completed, the printer resumed normal operation.

Printed using a 0.8mm nozzle, 0.3mm layer height, 30-40mm/s speed, 1mm line width at 240C nozzle temperature for PETG. Parts are separated by a 0.3mm Z gap
Slicing and delamination parameters done in PrusaSlicer
Delamination layer parameters:
Start layer -
M106 S255   ;Turn on fan at max speed
M104 S210    ;Hotend set to 210C
M220 S60    ;Print speed set to 60%

End layer -
M106 S100    ;Set fan to normal speed
M104 S240   ;Hotend set to 240C
M220 S100   ;Print speed set to 100%

Special thanks to Augment Bionics for providing a spool of Fiberlogy PETG Burgendy for testing