A project log for Traffic Jam

Red light, green light, 1-2-3! Using an Arduino to control giant surplus store traffic lights

Robyn WRobyn W 04/29/2020 at 19:020 Comments

Designing and building a housing for the traffic lights was the next task. The face of the housing was constructed from ½ in. birch plywood. We chose the birch plywood due to the strength of the wood since large circles were to be cut from it to hold the lights, leaving very little material left for support. The circles were cut using a jigsaw circle cutting jig. The sides were constructed from ½ in MDF which was used due to its lower cost. 1 in. grid pegboard was used for the back of the housing because, well, that's what we had laying around in our garage. Using Some leftover scraps of wood we made small wedges to secure the lights in place on the inside of the housing. For a nicer looking finish we made some decorative trim for the face using scrap 2x6 redwood lumber. The lights were wired to come through the back of the housing and secured with a strain relief. We then attached the mating molex connectors. As a last detail, I made 3 bezels from ¼ in. black irrigation tubing to go around each light that covered the gap between the light and the plywood face. After finishing the housing I needed to make a 10ft. Wire extension cables from the housing to the relay modules.