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A project log for LED Light Clock

Two 1-meter strings of APA104 LEDs, one ESP32

Jon KunkeeJon Kunkee 11/09/2020 at 07:480 Comments

Over time I have noticed a few pain points: the HTML interface is only marginally usable with not-so-useful-to-me defaults, the network connection sometimes freezes and leads to a system reboot, and I have to take the device apart to re-flash it. I really do want this to be a fire-and-forget device for weeks on end, and it needs some work to get there.

As part of this I expect to learn how to save ESP32 core dumps to flash and retrieve them over the network, how to do OTA updates, how to read debug logging over the network, and how to use CSS to make the UI easier to use on mobile.

The UI would be easier to test if I were to use the filesystem to store and serve the files instead of having to transmute them into C strings before building. I could even have multiple files at that point!