The Begining

A project log for RPN Scientific Calculator

Using a CortexM0 to build a calculator similar to the Sinclair Scientific Calculator.

SantiagoSantiago 10/20/2020 at 03:090 Comments

Once upon a time, I wanted an programmable scientific calculator. Why? that's simple, I wanted some device with limited resources where I could learn how to write efficient and elegant code.

But, those kind of calculator were and are still expensive. So, if i can't afford one, I'm going to build one.  Soon after, I realized the magnitude of the project, so I decided to build something simple but yet challenging.  And after some research about old scientific calculators I came across into the Sinclair Scientific. It really amazed me how despite the small amount of resources, Sinclair was able to build a scientific calculator. With only two value registers, RNP input and limited accuracy but yet functional. This set the reference design for the project, and with that in mind I started to make a component list.

I have to say, after choosing the Sinclair Scientific as the form factor I was even more motivated after seeing reproductions of the calculator based on Arduino.

The Sinclair Scientific and a reproduction made by Arduino Enigma (Link to his project).