Captain's log... First Entry.

A project log for Small Programmable Kiln

A small kiln with big expectations: Fusing PMC, Solder PCBs, Harden/Temper/Anneal/Carburize Steel, Pottery, Glass, Melting Precious Metals

myburamybura 04/27/2020 at 13:240 Comments

Thought I'd add some of the journey towards the final product.

Where is it up to?

- Main kiln body manufactured and fired up to 700C.

- PID Controller Software Developed (Alpha)

- LCD Touch Screen Controller Developed (Alpha)

- Master Controller Software Developed (Alpha)

What's still left?

- Controller Box Manufacturing

- Electronics mounting

- Final Component Integration

- Tweaking body design

Kiln body design in links. Will add code to GitHub as soon as initial integration testing is successful.