Breakout board - A first pass

A project log for LR1110 module - Tiny LoRa & WiFi/GNSS positioning

Leveraging the LR1110 to create the smallest geolocation+LoRaWAN combined module for use in tracking.

SensorsSensors 05/12/2020 at 13:100 Comments

For people to tinker with this module prior to using it on a custom PCB I wanted to create a break-out board/development kit. This is my first pass at it, but I think there are some changes that I think may be required, which you can read about below.

ORV1110 breakout PCB Rev.1

Things I like about this design:

Things I don't like

Lastly, I'm thinking about the real necessity of connectors for WiFi and GNSS. Potentially I could get away with on-board antennae for both of those since they're region agnostic, but the performance would undoubtedly be reduced.

I'll mull it over, but any external input would be welcome!