Quadruped robot meets my cat.

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Cheap 3D printed 4 legged robot, that almost looks like boston dynamics spot but moves like a newborn.

Miguel Ayuso ParrillaMiguel Ayuso Parrilla 07/07/2020 at 18:290 Comments

As a quick update of the V2 robot performing i have introduced it to my cat.

My cat is very introverted and usually doesn't like new things, in this case isn't different but it seems to cause she some curiosity.

The robot performs well, as it uses the last version of the code, the extra weigth of the batteries and raspberry pi is not a problem as the new design is much more lighter and the servos are now powered at 6V in stead of 5V as in the first version.

On the other hand, i have notice the model randomly gives bad solutions running on the raspberry pi, thats why sometimes you see the leg make a strange movement. I haven't identify the problem yet, maybe is my software problem or bufer overflow.

There is no aim to hurt the animal, is my cat omg.