HW upgrade

A project log for PZ1 6502 laptop

I am building a laptop using some MCUs to emulate a 6502, 256kb memory, SID-sound and filesystem.

adam.klotblixtadam.klotblixt 06/22/2020 at 15:220 Comments

I've finalised the latest version of the HW now. The new 40x4 text display instead of the old 40x3. I soldered everything properly, also melt-glued and screwed the stuff onto a board so I can bring it with me when needed (soon).
The graphical display is not connected right now, it will be an add-on accessory later. I am fully occupied coding the multitasking system which does not need any graphics.
The I2S sound was scrapped. It worked VERY well, but is not needed on this lo-fi sound adventure :) Mono sound for SID and 8-bit samples works well enough.