Welcome, to my Hackaday page. I am going to be talking to you about my journey on working towards creating an Internet 2.0 if you will. This page is currently under construction and is constantly going to be updated.

I started with the release of my crypto startup and a whitepaper for what was known as Lonero. This quickly over time pivoted and grew, and now I decided it is good for documentation to start talking about some history and the journey that I am going through in decentralizing the web.

Week #1:

We hosted a full LNR node and mined on a Raspberry Pi using a test walled address. It did do some hashing but had a few stratum errors to show full stats. Working on ARM architecture support. If this is just beta, imagine what the future holds! via https://lonero.org

Using a test walled address. It did do some hashing but had a few stratum errors to show full stats. Working on ARM architecture support. If this is just bet...

Week #4

This is a snippet taken from a grant application @gamer456148 did a long time ago... via http://bit.ly/cblanding

... via http://bit.ly/cblanding.

By the 4th week, protocol research for hardware based decentralized P2P communications was actively being developed.

Week #5

Lonero has plans on hitting the hardware market, stay tuned via https://lonero.org and http://bit.ly/cblanding

via https://lonero.org and http://bit.ly/cblanding.

By the 5th week, I started promoting the idea of a blockchain development board for wireless communications, but was just trying to see if interest was being garnished. (This later became something)

Week #9

While we didn't get enough subscribers to fully release ChainBoard just yet, we are still doing lots of open source hardware things until our "release". Also Lonero is doing many cool things in the background and working on further supporting not just its protocols, but liberty, decentralization, and freedom. via https://lonero.org

Week #9, we have started talking openly about our "ChainBoard concept" while working on the R & D in a makerspace. Currently was just trying to garnish subscribers.

Week #17

We have some huge updates coming soon including: -Updated Technology, -Ledger Decentralization & Server Software, -First Variation Release, and a technological P2P protocol. Technology will be rolled out slowly throughout 2019 via https://lonero.org

We have been working on ledger protocols, server side software, and slowly releasing beta during the months prior. Development has been sort of slow.

Week #27

I have been actively working on expanding our protocols, seed node migration and started experimentation with "internet balloons" as well as having fun with my ChainBoard design. Many stuff is mostly still in beta, and the past ten weeks been very busy.

Week #29

We are releasing the beta version of our OS :) https://sourceforge.net/projects/lonero-os/

Beta version of the Lonero operating system was released in support of decentralization. This lead to new milestones needing to be met development and usage-wise.

Week #36

Quick updates :) 1) We are collaboratively working w/ Stark Drones on Lonero OS 2) We will start introducing a series of applications hosted on or powered by Lonero's OS 3) This includes a proposal for a "HIPPA Compliant Hardware Cryptography Key" for Hospital Networks 4) Outside of this, we are working collaboratively on a Decentralized File Transfer Protocol as well w/ the Stark Drones Corporation via https://lonero.org & https://www.starkdrones.org/home/os

Started researching ways to utilize this software more collaboratively and to expand

Week #38 

Coming soon, we are working on the release of LonScript: A Theoretical, Hybrid GPL for High Performance Computing

A Theoretical, Hybrid GPL for High Performance Computing.

Announcing that I am working on a new programming language for researchers and distributed computing enthusiasts

Week #39

Spoke at my local Maker Faire for the third year in a row. Gave some interesting insights into what I am doing blockchain-wise in part of the presentation.

Week #50

We have so many updates and many things we have been working on One of these things is that a Kickstarter campaign have been released for the beta v1 of ChainBoard We also been doing much more stuff before + on the side Visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/quantumphysics/chainboard-the-next-gen-wireless-dev-board?ref=ddsgtk and back this project today :) ~ @gamer456148

I have been gone for a while, but week #50 was finally the week I decided to release a Kickstarter campaign for ChainBoard in hopes to garnish early adopters of some of my hardware.

Week #54

New repo: https://github.com/Lonero-Team/Decentralized-Internet It is about time :) + more updates coming soon! via https://lonero.org

Kickstarter was raising alot the first few day, but for the past month have been mostly failing to meet its goal. Now, I started working on the Decentralized-Internet SDK and managing its library. Still having some efforts towards promoting ChainBoard, but not garnishing much attention.

Week #55

Few Updates :) We are working on relaunching ChainBoard through enterprise level systems after the whole "Kickstarter Fiasco" https://github.com/Lonero-Team/About-ChainBoard https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1039285739027480576?referrer=LoneroLNR We are also starting to update our documentation, software, and all things Lonero-related Plus we have some special "launches" soon, so stay tuned!

Unsurprisingly, the Kickstarted failed to meet is basic launch goal, it raised 53.36% of the goal it was trying to raise. We had zero news/media attention, the marketing budget was limited, and I tried my best. I want to try releasing physical hardware later on, but have mitigated my efforts towards focusing on my SDK and supporting decentralized application developers.

Week #57

Few updates! Package now live via crates.io: https://crates.io/crates/decentralized-internet Plus many more things developed on the side :) Recent NPM Updates: https://www.npmjs.com/package/decentralized-internet/v/1.2.0

SDK-inspired software variation released for Rust. Very basic, dependent on lots of open source stuff, and kind of glitchy. Needing to get this out there though. Continuing the development process and extension support.

Week #59

Finally updated the site, (stats counter not in realtime obviously)... via https://lonero.org

Released new project roadmap. I have been doing beta package released and been updating lots of the software. Both the SDK and OS have started to been used by thousands of people by this time.

Week #60

Download Lonero OS via Docker! https://hub.docker.com/r/gamer456148/lonero-os via https://lonero.org & https://www.starkdrones.org/home/os

Already have started documentation pages and mobile app/epub released. Lonero OS version beta released on Docker.

Week #62

Few weekly updates... We added the FOSSA button to our SDK's "main" repo + newly published eprint is now live: ia.cr/2019/1467 Happy innovating! via https://lonero.org

Released a cryptography pre-print and been actively working on extensions and expanding the SDK's capabilities.

Week #63

Small paper out now: https://www.academia.edu/41466090 via https://lonero.org & https://www.starkdrones.org/home/os + more updates coming soon!

Got more research out, this time a preprint related to Biostatistical computing pipelines

Week continued ~

From the inventions our founder contributed to in various places like China to the US, to the numerous of protocols we have to support decentralization and freedom, we are all for scientific innovation via https://lonero.org | Newest paper: https://doi.org/10.22541/au.157807499.98003317

Okay two new preprints published :)

Week #65

What an Electronics Store's Epic Fail Taught me about Consumer Rights

Wrote an article / blog post talking about the "Right to Repair" act and open hardware.

Week #65


Data Scientists, Software Engineers And The Future of Medicine

Wrote another article / blog post as well, but related to biostatistical computing.

Week #65


@gamer456148 Just wrote another preprint, and it definitely aligns with our goals: 10.31224/osf.io/h8cmw via https://www.lonero.org and https://www.starkdrones.org :)

Finally, another preprint has been published, further helping towards validating potential use-cases

Week #66

Recent update, our SDK is now citeable :) via https://lonero.org and https://www.starkdrones.org/home/os

Our SDK has become citeable, and an important preprint have been mirrored in more places.

Week #67

Guess what? via https://lonero.org and https://www.starkdrones.org/home/os

Windows v2 Beta of SDK kit released

Week #67


Very small update... via https://lonero.org and https://www.starkdrones.org/home/os

Created a Swagger API page

Week #69

Stuff are being developed and under the works, so stay tuned for some updates :) via https://lonero.org and https://www.starkdrones.org/home/os

Started working on the CLI and actively developing the programming language + posted a new article on AngelHack on usecases the biostatistical computing world.

Week #70

Quick update! Now available via Spack as well :) via https://lonero.org & https://starkdrones.org/home/os

Spack availability for super computing clusters

Week #72

Free Linux Tutorial - An Intro to Lonero + the Decentralized Internet

- New course

- Helpdesk built

- Some progress on CLI and IDE development

Week #75

Made a usage guide

Week #76

New book

On Cordova

Racket Plugin

Stats Dashboard

Week #77

Now you can download our SDK via SourceForge: https://sourceforge.net/p/decentralized-internet/ via https://lonero.org and https://www.starkdrones.org/home/os

Official PAD Repo

- SourceForge Mirror

+ Other few updates

Week #78

Got listed on few more places, been focused on updated coding and market research

Week #79

New Update! We now have released enterprise support for our open source SDK: https://tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/pub-decentralized.internet https://tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/dub-decentralized-internet https://tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/pypi-decentralized-internet https://tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/npm-decentralized-internet https://tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/atom-decentralized-internet https://tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/cargo-decentralized-internet https://tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/racket-decentralized-internet https://tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/rubygems-decentralized-internet https://tidelift.com/subscription/pkg/puppet-gamer456148-decentralized.internet via https://lonero.org and https://www.starkdrones.org/home/os

Enterprise versions now available via Tidelift + support

- We also got listed on a few more places

- I got bored and took a little creative break

Week #80

We started using Lerna + trying to actively develop some modules (been planning things out)

Week #81

- Got listed on StackShare

- I was bored so I tried saving the world

Week #82
- Tell people I am an anacrho-capitalist

Week #83

Build a DAPP | GitHub Learning Lab

Made a small GitHub learning lab, kind of a work in progress.