Why I started this

A project log for Building a Decentralized Internet

A look at my journey on building a SDK for Decentralized and Distributed computing projects

Andrew KamalAndrew Kamal 05/27/2020 at 22:420 Comments

Since 2011, I have been involved in the Blockchain world and with cryptocurrencies. This is from knowing early on about Bitcoin, to being involved with a variety of different crypto startups such as BitToken, WeCrypto, CrowdCoin, BlockStarLabs, EtherStone, HopePay, MatchPay, StartHub Messenger, and side projects such as CrowdWave, CrowdToken, and DigitalCPR's Blockchain Accelerator. What fascinated me about Bitcoin early on was the decentralization aspect to it. I believed "POW" could represent free markets electronically and that centralized cryptocurrencies had no use-cases besides the digitization aspect of it. Infact, I believed that the greatest benefit to centralized currencies were given to the creators of said "currency". That being said, I have been working on a project under my blockchain startup Lonero to further promote decentralization. The project which I been actively working on is a library and SDK for building decentralized and distributed computing projects. Something that I believe is the decentralized internet, in which you can have interconnected peers processing data and transmitting information without a centralized entity. True, others are competing in this space. I and many other blockchain orgs, startups, and engineers are actively building projects for the new internet in hopes of further promoting the principals of privacy and freedom. We want a truly free and open internet.

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