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andrew-kamalAndrew Kamal 05/29/2020 at 19:220 Comments

Recently, the government came out wanting to "intervene with big tech censorship", in their own way by watering down CDA 230 and an executive order that allows for more rules and regulations. The fact is that government intervention is basically taking away the content moderation powers from the tech companies and giving them to the government. In the long run, it will backfire in unexpected ways. The real way to get rid of censorship isn't by more laws and regulations. That's never anti-censorship. The actual true ways of getting rid of censorship, is using technologies like my project or joining networks like Gab, Minds, Locals, Ello, BitTube, Steemit, Locals, and maybe even Mastodon. Maybe I am wrong, maybe the new actions in place can help. Only time will tell. At least it opens up the question. I love how free speech enthusiast and tech entrepreneur Andrew Torba phrases it, "In a free country a corporation should be free to be biased".