Log for protoyping histology processor

A project log for Histology Tissue Processor

Cheap hackable tissue processor suitable for third world or citizen science hackers.

sgall17asgall17a 06/05/2020 at 01:360 Comments

Initial log entry covering progress so far.

1.  Working 3d pinch valve.  The valve (see openscad file) works but I will tinker a bit more before the final version.  Valve just tested  by blowing.

2.  Tested air pumps to move fluid.  Works well.  (Automated pinch valve not used in this setup).  Only have one air pump.  Second one ordered.

3.  Tested Arduino Mega with firmata and Johhny five. Works well,   controlling LEDs to mimic heaters and mixers.  Pyfirmata works but prefer interactive Johhny Five while prototyping. 

4.  Tested magnetic flea with  motor to drive magnet.    Flea in water in plastic bottle.  Works well.

Most individual components work.  

Next stage is to prototype a complete module with movement of chemicals and mixing.