A project log for M10CUBE

M10CUBE (M10 in short) is a modular controller box with cube dimensions 10x10x10cm. Raspberry bus will be used for the first incarnation.

VASILIS VORRIASVASILIS VORRIAS 08/05/2020 at 06:110 Comments


More on m10-sensor PCB. That is almost the final population concerning m10-sensor. The jumpers on the right change the functionality of the board. Many boards can be connected via external cable with RS485, by modifying the jumpers, board can be used for various sensors. That is because Wemos D1 mini has not enough pins. Circuity is done. Routing is not.

Planning the same board but with Wemos D1 ESP32 version. That is pin compatible with Wemos D1 mini ESP8266 (white coloured pins on ESP32 image)but have more pins (and power). That way the space occupied by the jumpers is not needed so can be freed to accommodate the bigger Wemos D1 mini ESP32 (6 Euros!).