emWin Bitmaps using Python script (cross platform)

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zst123zst123 07/10/2020 at 09:060 Comments

I wanted a nice splash screen for my project. I wanted to test the bitmap capabilities of the emWin driver, because I can see that it allows bitmaps to be displayed.

There is a Segger emWin Bitmap Converter, but there are some issue with it.

(1) It is Windows-only, and I am running my setup on Linux.

(2) It is a demo version, which shows a demo watermark.

As a hobbyist, I cannot afford the full version of the Bitmap Converter, hence I tried to derive the bitmap format myself and create an open-source cross platform using a Python script.

I referred to these sources which show how emWin bitmaps C files are generated.

From here, I can understand that I can have different formats of color encoding (for example, ARGB888, RGB565). The emWin LCD driver is very powerful too as it supports color palettes to compress bitmaps to a smaller size.

I implemented these into my python script.

Here's the result from my work today.