EmotionCore - 1.0.0

A project log for Zakhar the Robot

Zakhar is a robotics UX project. The main aim is to decrease the anxiety of users interacting with a robot.

Andrei GramakovAndrei Gramakov 02/23/2021 at 19:590 Comments

First release!

The aim of this library is to implement an emotion model that could be used by other applications implementing behavior modifications (emotions) based on changing input data.

The Core has sets of **parameters****states** and **descriptors**:

**Parameters** define the **state** of the core. Each state has a unique name (happy, sad, etc.) **Descriptors** specify the effect caused by input data to the parameters. The user can use either the state or the set of parameters as output data. Those effects can be:

- depending on sensor data
- depending on time (temporary impacts)

It is a cross-platform library used in the Zakhar project. You can use this library to implement sophisticated behavior of any of your device. Contribution and ideas are welcome!

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