Dear I2C, I resemble

A project log for Zakhar the Robot

Zakhar is a robotics UX project. The main aim is to decrease the anxiety of users interacting with a robot.

Andrei GramakovAndrei Gramakov 08/22/2021 at 23:040 Comments

I2C is a simple and elegant protocol. But probably because of its simplicity, MCU manufacturers deliver it poorly to developers.

I'm using several platforms in the project, and all of them have completely different driver implementations. Ok, Arduino means to be simple, I'm not complaining there. But my dear ESP32 brought me so much frustration with I2C (unlike STM32 and Raspberry Pi where everything works perfectly). I spent a couple of weeks solely trying to get it working as I designed, but even after writing my interruption handler, I haven't gotten any success. 

To be precise, I lack the START interruption, which exists on paper but doesn't work on my boards. I presume that there are some problems in hardware (e.g., here my ex-colleague points out that the hardware is not that flexible). Also, it can be that something is slipping out from me, and the problem can be easily solved...

I want to take advantage of this situation and will try to switch to a more suitable bus for robotic applications. Let's make it CAN.

I will start with the creation of a small device that can verify the connection to each module in the system and development of some minimalistic protocol that could fulfill project needs.