I 3D printed all parts at .15mm layer height with 100% infill. I printed one "Base.stl", three "Chain (Long).stl", one "Chain (Short).stl", two "Pin (Long).stl", six "Pin (Short).stl" and one "Top.stl".

This model is a precision print due to the small parts involved (the "Pin" components are 2mm in diameter) and the "print in place" chains (.5mm tolerance). I printed all pins at the same time using a brim for hold down. Once printed, I removed the pins from the brim and carefully filed the build plate end of the pins smooth.


To assemble "Tensegrity", I performed the following steps:

  • Attached one "Chain (Long).stl" to "Top.stl" long chain mount using one "Pin (Short).stl". 
  • Attached the remaining two long chains to the top long chain mounts using two more short pins. 
  • Attached "Chain (Short).stl" to the top assembly short chain tower using one "Pin (Long).stl". 
  • Attached the free end of the short chain to the short chain tower on "Base.stl" using a long pin. 
  • Attached the free ends of the two rear long chains to the rear chain mounts on the top. 
  • Attached the free end of the front long chain to the front chain mount on the top.

And that is how I 3D printed and assembled "Tensegrity".

I hope you enjoyed it!