Scrapped the use of a 20 lb propane tank

A project log for Aluminum Recycling Micro Factory

What if you could recycle your aluminum cans at home and could process a large volume of cans semi-autonomously?

hominidaehominidae 06/02/2020 at 05:390 Comments

Updated the FreeCAD model.

Removed the 20 lb propane tank. Will use that for an accessory resistance heating forge.

I've ordered 4x hot swappable HP 750 Watt Server Power supplies (PN: 660183-001) and will instead be using induction heating to melt aluminum in a crucible instead.

The general idea is going to be that I can use a crucible which can raise and lower into the work coil, melting the aluminum and using 3D printing hardware, dump the molten contents of the crucible.

One potential issue is that the baking ingot trays would need to be heated. However, what if they didn't need to be? What if a steel pipe was used instead?

The steel pipe would obviously get quite hot. But, a steel pipe could also radiate quite a bit of heat naturally. One issue with molten aluminum is that it is possible to trap moisture and steam causes an explosion.

But, if the only direction that the molten aluminum had to go was up, would it splash out of a confined steel cylinder?