The 6809 uses the same Motorola bus arrangement as other Motorola 8bit processors. It's also not multiplexed on the 6809 so the support logic is quite simple.

A 74HC00 (U3) converts the 6809 E and RW lines into the Z80 \RD and \WR lines as expected by the RC2014 bus. The 74HC688 (U4) matches $FExx addresses as I/O space and generated \IORQ and \MREQ accordingly.

The various 6809 signals that don't fit on the standard bus are exposed via an additional 6 pin connector so that FIR, NMI and the like are usable. As with all my 68xx/65xx cards the E clock and RW lines can be jumpered to user pins 38/39 for use with Motorola style peripherals like the 6522 VIA card.