RGB BLOB controller

A project log for UCPLA RGB Mood Expression Light Controller

An adaptive hand operated RGB Light controller for mood expression, ,YES or NO questions and fun!

Josh StarnesJosh Starnes 06/26/2020 at 10:280 Comments

introducing the first sketches of the RGB BLOB controller, round with multi color buttons sticking out. Each button coordinating with a color. The power, brightness and Strobe button to get attention I suppose with be white with a Embossed painted symbol.   The bottom of the controller houses 16 rechargeable AA batteries. In our prototype we are using Amazon 2400 mah batteries, but you could use Alkaline if you wanted ( but seriously why waste the money?!). The module inside is Bluetooth and could be completely disconnected from the RGB system if the user wanted to, but the idea here is that there will be a plug in on the end to control the RGB lights as well as power them.