More controllers implemented in microcode!

A project log for Microcoding for FPGAs

A microcode compiler developed to fit into FPGA toolchain and validated to develop CDP1805-like CPU and text-based video controller

zpekiczpekic 09/16/2021 at 04:030 Comments

What is the difference between a "controller", and "dedicated CPU"? Essentially nothing - from the perspective of microcoded design they can be developed, debugged and operated in the same way. Here are two additional controllers from my other project:

  1. HEX2MEM - processes ASCII character stream in real time (interpreted as Intel HEX file), to write to RAM 
  2. MEM2HEX - read up to 64k of RAM/ROM, and generate ASCII stream (in Intel HEX format).

Note that both of these are written with an updated, less buggy version of microcode compiler